My worthless sponsor always gives 100%.

Unfortunately; its:

12% on Monday

23% on Tuesday

37% on Wednesday

22% on Thursday

6% on Friday

How many of you can relate to this, if not right now, at least at some point during your network marketing career I'm sure?

I can't take credit for this one though. It was actually in my newsletter today from Big Al. If you don't know who he is, you may want to take a look. Here is a link to his Blog.

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Am I an Average Person?

As I was browsing around a message board this morning, I ran across a question from someone in regards to Ameriplan. They wanted to hear what others had to say & any personal experiences from those who have done it.

One of the responses to that questions has been bugging me ever since. He stated, "I tried it about 4 months ago, and it appeared to be a great company that offers something that most of us need in regards to health care. I actually continued to stay a member in the plan with the dental because my family does need it. But I found that it just wasn't something that any average person could do and earn much money at, if any at all." He continues on for quite a while but essentially he ends up saying that it took work, you had to be someone willing to talk to people, and learn ways of marketing, and attend training calls that were every night almost, and unless you possessed any special skills it just wasn't possible for the average, everyday person, like himself, to be able to earn any money.

Okay, so I suppose it's a great thing that he still in many ways supports Ameriplan and what is offered, I mean he did continue on with the benefits plan. But really what is it that determines who is or isn't average?

I don't consider myself super extraordinary in any way. (Okay, maybe there's a couple things about me that make me special...lol) But really, I feel as though I am no different than anyone else. Yes, we all have our own separate issues that we have had to deal with and we were all raised with different beliefs, in different households, and we do have our own unique beings. But how would you determine who is average?

And just because a person is born into poverty & one into a life of privilege & wealth, that has no bearings on whether or not that person will ever be magnificent in life.

I believe that we all possess the tools needed to become successful in life no matter what that may be. It's just whether or not a person is willing to open up & learn the skills needed to do so.

I'm just like the next single mother of 3 who has had moments in life that she still can't believe she lived through, someone who has had her fair share of ups and downs. I'm the typical boy scout mom/soccer mom/child servant-maid and all the above. I am no different than so many others who are just trying to enjoy what life has to offer, raise her kids and do all that she can so that they can have every opportunity available in life. I put my pants on one leg at a time. (okay, maybe there are some of you who attempt to do it both at the same time, especially now since it's always fun to go against the norm...)

What I'm saying is don't assume that just because someone is successful at something, or is where you wish you were right now, don't think that it's because they have some special powers. It's not magic. And I'm sure if you were able to rewind the years and look back at their lives, you just might realize that they aren't much different than you are.

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How do I know what is real & what isn't?

This is a common concern that nearly each & every person who is scouring the internet in search of a legitimate way to make money from home has running through their minds. So how do we know what is real & what is not?

Now the only answer I really have is that you must do your research! As you will see, if you haven't already, that no matter what the opportunity is whether it be data entry, wah jobs, or even any number of the home based business opportunities that are advertised online, they all have people who praise them and others who run them into the ground.

Your best bet is to simply do the research of the company yourself, and do so from many different resources. Talk to people who are doing it, or have done it. Visit message boards & forums and read what others may have had to say about that particular company.

A couple good places I frequently visit online are www.wahm.com/forum and answers.yahoo.com

Before you make a decision make sure you get all the facts and see it from every angle. I'm not one to put a whole lot of trust into whether or not a company is a member of the BBB. Yes, I often check to see if they are or not, but all in all, since the BBB is an organization that is a for profit based company that requires each company to pay a fee to them in order to participate, it just doesn't hold a great deal of weight in my decision.

Another site www.ripoffreport.org is a good place to get some opinions and idea of what you'd like to know. But again, don't base your decision solely on it since it is a site where consumers share their opinions & personal experiences with any given company. It doesn't mean that any of it is indeed fact, but more so personal feelings. It still is another way to get an idea of what you are wanting to know. If a company has constant complaints, and few or no positive things being said about them, then it's a bit obvious thus far what people think of them.

So to sum things up here... Don't take just one person's word or experience and use it to make a decision as to whether or not something is legit. Search multiple resources. And last but not least, follow your own instincts. If you get a gut feeling about something, and you've done your research, I'd follow your gut.

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