"Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates..."

...You never know what you're gonna get."

I think it would be safe to assume that everyone has either seen the movie Forest Gump, or at the very least they have heard this all too common quote. So why would I post it here??

No matter how corny, or simple that quote is, it always tends to bring me back into the real world and back on track. I mean, think about it, when you get those big boxes of chocolates, with all the many different kinds all mixed together. No outside wrapper to tell you what's inside, or warn you before you just dig in & give it a taste. (Sounds a bit like life doesn't it...)

Then, just when you taste that first hint of caramel, or in my case peanut butter filling, whatever it is that you really don't like, and realize that you picked the wrong chocolate, what do you do? Do you throw in the towel and vow to never do that again? Or do you simply move on to the next one in hopes that this time you have found a little something that you like? We move on!

So why is it that we tend to get ourselves so worked up over every little detail in our day to day lives? I see people everyday rushing around trying to do everything just right. And have people say, "oh I don't know if I should do that? What if it doesn't work?" ~ So what if it doesn't work, so what if you have to test out a few duds before you find the tool that works just right, so what if you don't get it right the first time? What is the worst that could happen?

You see it's these simple everyday choices that we make that eventually determine what our life is like over the next 5, 10, 15 years. No one should be afraid of trying something simply because they might not pick the right piece of chocolate, or they might just mess up first time around. Everything that we do in life is going to take some working out. So who cares if it takes you 2 times or if it takes 50, the only thing that will be certain is whether or not you did what you set out to do.

Try something new. Do just a little bit more than usual. Step out of that box that you're in and take a chance. Who knows? That chance could be just what you've been waiting for all along?

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