WAH Being a Court Researcher

I ran across a site that offers a work from home position doing courthouse research, which I found interesting enough and figured others might as well.

A Court Researcher would actually go into their local courthouses and find or research for specific information that they are directed to do. No experience is required, and there are very few other rules, such as children are not allowed to "tag along" with you to the court house and they do not reimburse for child care expenses. (But that should really be a given. lol)

There are many states that are currently available and need researchers now. You can find the listing of all available states on their site, or by clicking here.

You are also required to have a laptop. You can be paid through Pay Pal or check, and they also offer bonuses based on performance, and paid sick days & vacation after 1 year. You can find all the details, as well as apply online if you are interested in becoming a Court Researcher.

JB Services actually has a number of different employment opportunities available, such as a Mock Juror, Mortgage Loan Officer, Telemarketer, etc. You can find all openings on their site under the careers tab.

Along with their employment opportunities, JB Services also offers many different marketing and business building tools. They generate leads (hence the court researcher that verifies and provides the info...) Direct mailings, and I would like to note they hand-write the individual addresses on each envelope rather than typing it since it's more likely for people to open it this way, along with Web Design, Telemarketing Services & Recruiting.

From what I can tell thus far, this seems to be an honest, legit, family run company who is truly out there to help other small businesses find the tools they need to be successful. They work one-on-one with their clients to find the best possible service, all at an affordable price that many small business owners could not afford otherwise. And best of all, no business is too small for their services.

Find all the info on their site, www.jellybeanservices.com

I am beginning to think that I too need to contact them to find out what services they provide might be of assistance to my business as well?? I will follow up with any details as to how that goes and what sort of results come from it as well. But in the meantime I have already filled out the application for court researcher and will keep you updated on that as well.

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Irene said...

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about this company. I'll post about this today with a link to your post ( not sure just yet when I'll get it done w/ my kiddos about, LOL, but I'll get it done today!)

Would you like to exchange links--I'd love to add you to my blog roll--

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Crystal:

You are truly a God send. I ran across your blog and found it both informative and useful. I will definitely use this information.

Peace, and take care..


Best MoM Ever said...

Hi Crystal,

Was doing a little research on courthouse researchers and came across your blog. Very good information. Thank you!

I will be using some of this info in my blog.

Best Wishes,
Best Mom Ever