Scams? Is It? Or, Is It Not?

As I was browsing around on the message boards over at, I happened to run across a posting of yet another frustrated woman who is at the point of trying to decide if finding something to do and earn money from home is even worth it. Here is what she said,

"I am so tired of all these work at home scams. Why are there so many awful people????
And then there are those who come in forums and insist that a particular "company" or "program" is just absolutely wonderful when the truth is that it's not all that great and they are only making money by the referrals they get....and probably just trying to make enough money to cover what they've already lost so they can quit.
It gets so frustrating it's almost not even worth trying anymore."

This is an issue that is somewhat near and dear to my heart considering the fact that I too spent many years lost in the wah world, having no idea what I was doing, or what I needed to be doing. I was young and I suppose a bit naive, okay a whole lot as I believed every word that someone said to me as to how much money I could make, etc..etc... As the woman states above and wonders why there are so many awful people? I assure you, most if not 98% of those that you may consider as awful people really are no different than you and I, and most likely either haven't truly realized what they themselves may be doing. Or it could be because that's how they have been trained to do things?

One company I was with for over 2 years (of which I always, every single month, spent way more money out of pocket just for the basic fees & products we were required to purchase in order to actually be an active rep with the company, then I ever made) Anyhow, we had plenty of training available to us, which is something that is great to have in place in whatever it is that you do, but an actual key part of our training, of which I even took part in leading the call for quite some time considering I was good at it, was to take that 1 script that we had given to us. Yes, everyone was given this script and we were trained on how to make our prospecting calls using the script, verbatim and how & where to fluctuate your voice, etc. so as to make the script work for you. And that was how we enrolled people and even used another to market the products side of things.

It's not that I am a dishonest, awful person. It's just that I didn't see it for what I do now. I was told that that was how it was to be done and that was how the people who were making them big bucks at the top did it, and if I was planning on getting there I would need to do what they told me worked. And yes, I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I continued with this constant shelling out of money, rather than earning, and leading calls on how to effectively use the script to close out calls, all for over 2 years, but I did eventually open my eyes to the big picture. I realized that it was never anything that I could ever wake up and be excited to do. I hated even the thought of having to set up parties to sell the products that we offered. I just figured I could build up a team of people who liked selling things and I would be okay. Again, no one told me any different so why would I think anything else?

It's not that everything online is a huge set of scams. Most of the offers and things that you may find or frequently see, they do have the potential for someone to make a great living all from the comfort of their home. It just takes a bit more involved decision making and searching to find something that will fit you, as an individual. Just because one person does great with something doesn't mean that the next person will even do anything at all. Even if they are given the exact same training, tools and help as the other. One will run with it and one will fail miserably. Why is this??

Because.... Mr.Successful decided to take the tools and training given to him and put them to use. He put in a constant and consistent effort into doing the things that needed to be done in order to start earning money. While Mr.DoNothing did very little with anything. He put in a full 6 hours his very first day of training, got it completely done, he was just so excited about it all. And day 2 he contemplated what he might like to do, and what he felt comfortable in doing, but never really did anything just yet. Day 3 went about the same as day 2. And Day 4 instead of posting some of the flyers he had made around town, he decided that a nice cool dip in the pool would be much more enjoyable just them. This began his slow but eventually fatal down slide of which is an all too common occurrence amongst new & emerging entrepreneurs. The idea of making a living on your own terms, from your own home, when & how you choose, it's all very enticing. However, if you're trying to decide if a wah opportunity could be in the books for you, just dig a bit deeper before you actually jump in with both feet running.

Some questions to ask yourself are:
  1. Would you like to sell products?
  2. Do you like to set up home parties and do demos for friends, etc?
  3. What interests you personally?
  4. How much time do you have available to put into it?
  5. Are you able to work independently with no boss telling you when to work?

If you look for something that fits you, something that you can honestly enjoy doing and be proud to share it with others, then you will find success. It's not about all the people who live online just searching for their next body of prey to take in and rip off. It's more like a bunch of new recruits who haven't yet learned the lessons of the road and quite honestly may be driving without headlights just yet. This is why it's important for you to ask plenty of questions when speaking with someone about what is all involved with that particular opportunity. I make it a point now to make sure the people who do end up joining my team really have a bit of understanding as to what it takes to be successful not only with what we offer, but any company period. I don't try to scare them off or make them think that it's difficult in any way. It's not that it's hard, all they need to understand is that it takes a consistent effort & work on their part as well. You see, they don't know it at first but they soon realize that I will work just as hard if not harder for them as they are doing, and I'm here every step of the way. Because of this and the great deal of one on one support that we offer our team, I believe it helps me to be a bit more thorough when speaking with someone about my opportunity and whether or not they feel as though it may be for them. I'm not nearly as eager to just instantly sign someone up like we were taught in previous ventures. Man if someone said yes we were stunned and there was nothing we were going to do to allow them to change their mind before we got that enrollment. Obviously we had a very, very low retention rate as new recruits were always dropping like flies.
After 9 years of being involved with the wah industry I can see the many ways my entire thought process has changed since when I first began. Back then everything seemed like that's how it was suppose to be. Now looking back I'm like what in the heck was I thinking? What were they thinking? It is so much better to take the time to make sure people know what you do exactly, no surprises just waiting to rear their ugly heads as soon as that payment cleared, but by doing so it actually saves time, as well as work load in terms of constantly scouting for new recruits because now the one's that you do have tend to stay along for the ride thus increasing your income in the process most definitely.

So rather than say "Run, SCAM!!" for each and every single thing that you venture in and it doesn't work out as planned. Take a minute to really look at the big picture and ask yourself whether or not you truly did much of anything in order to make it work? (I know I didn't... I'm not ashamed to admit that. I really hated selling any products, in fact I still had a great deal of them in the closet until our move in February when they found their way to the dumpster. $100 for a months supply of daily vitamins?? I didn't see how anyone I knew would be benefit from that when Wal-Mart sells a daily vitamin for $5-10 tops.)

As for what a true actual Scam would be considered, you can look for things that are obviously illegal. They may contain fake documents, addresses, etc. And overall it just takes a little bit of common sense to realize when you may be faced with someone really trying to Scam you. Things like.....

  1. The everyday 'Pyramid Scheme' in which the entire basis surrounding how any money is made revolves around you signing up X amount of people, then those people getting X amount, and so on and so forth, and everyone is simply paying money to sign others up to do just that. There is no actual product or service that is in play, hence the reason they decided to deem it illegal.
  2. Envelope Stuffing... I speak from personal experience here. There are a few different things that could be considered here. One of which you are required to purchase all the supplies, paper, envelopes, etc. Make the copies from what the company supposedly sends you. Do your thing and put them all nicely in their envelopes and put them in the mail and the company will pay you X amount for every 100 ones you send out. ~ Now how do they know what you sent and what you didn't??? Point blank, no proof of mailings, no pay.
  3. Chain Letters. When you get a letter that tells you to do exactly as follows...blah....blah....blah... and mail out this letter to ?X? people asking each of them to do the same, as well as send a $1 back to you, as you sent to me (the initial sender) follow my drift here.
  4. And last but not least... If someone is telling you they can guarantee that you make any amount of money, within the next oh...30 days, even 6 months, run away. No one can guarantee something like that. Especially if it's one of those can't refuse offers where they do all the work and you just start collecting all the earnings.

Like I said, common sense can go a long way with this one. I mean how many people do you know personally that will do all the work for someone that they don't know, who may live half way across the country, and yet do it all just so that that particular stranger can start to make some money?? (If you already fell into this one I am truly sorry, but gosh darn it, What were you thinking? )

On a final note I just want to say that I encourage anyone who is interested in working from home but feels like it's too much hassle to search through all the junk to find their diamond, I assure you it will be well worth it. And most likely you will eventually end up right back here, searching yet again for something because you can't get the idea of what a person can do with the freedom, and security that comes along with being your own boss. And by all means do the things that need to be done to make it work. You won't be able to share what you have to offer with others if they don't know that you exist. And by far one of the worst things to find out is that your best friend just joined the same thing that you started over 3 months ago, only you were too afraid to share it with your family & friends just yet, and darn it, you know your friend is going to go places with this and they could have been a part of your team had you just asked.

Like I said... It's sooo worth it once you find your way. If you're frustrated and feel like you have searched and tried everything or you just want to get some ideas of where to begin, by all means either leave a comment here. Or you can send me an email at

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