Some things to consider when looking into the work at home industry...

If you are looking into a home based business or any sort of direct sales, mlm, network marketing, there are a couple things that should be of concern.

For example, if you are speaking with a representative of the company and they are telling you that it is easy and anyone can do it...really? Than why are so many not doing it? Now I'm not saying that it is hard, I'm just saying that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to this. It's overall a simple process if done correctly and with the support needed. But it also takes effort and time to truly be successful.

Also, if they tell you that you don't have to sell or use the products yourself in order to be successful...seriously? What do you think will happen if someone asks you whether or not you use it, and you say, "well no...but" do you really think that they are going to purchase anything from you? And any business that is built around recruiting and team building only just isn't going to last long before it crumbles. You can't expect to just build, build, build something without a quality product or service in place to offer.

Now I don't usually focus too much on the compensation plan or pay structure, at least not right away. It's best to find a quality product or service that is affordable and is somewhat unique. However you do want to look out for a company or opportunity that offers a large upfront recruiting bonus. What I mean is, if you get paid $200 for each new person you sign on to the team, just for finding them and taking that application, you might want to dip deeper for more answers. Such as how future promotions work and what it takes to move up within the company and pin levels? Is it simply by the amount of business or sales you have personally added each month? Or do you have to help people on your team in order to reach the next level within the company?

You see this is one of the biggest issues that I see within the industry. When the comp. plan is set up so that the more sales you have the higher you go up and the more money you make, then it leaves the 'little' people to fend for themselves quite often. If someone is new to the industry and doesn't know what is required of them, or they don't know how to prospect and talk to people just yet, they will struggle and the person who signed them up most often is continuing to bring on new people because that is what determines his own success.

However if you find a company and pay structure that offers a smaller initial payout for each new enrollment, and is set up so that future promotions and increased earnings are based upon helping others on your team move up as well, then you should have a solid, more secure base to follow.

Monthly quotas are another reason why so many people don't make it in this industry. On one side, a person will sign up anyone with a pulse to be sure they reach the required quota for the month or else they won't be paid. And on the other side, when it is difficult for someone to reach that quota they often times get discouraged to the point of giving up.

These are just a few things to look at when researching a work at home opportunity. The long term benefits of building your own home based business far outweigh the risk involved. All it takes is some determination, a strong enough reason why you need to work from home, support and training to plug into, and realizing that you must consistently work on improving yourself and your knowledge of the industry and what tools are available. You must become a leader yourself and to do so, it sort of helps if you know what your doing.

Is there anything else you can think of that would set off the red flags in regards to whether or not an opportunity is the right choice?

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anneberly said...

do you think $30.00 is small amount? I have encountered on work at home marketing site and registered by curiousity but eventually felt skeptical. they called me on the phone when I started to ignore their email. its annoying to receive a call from the.

~Crystal~ said...

I don't completely understand what it is that you are referring to? Did you register on the wah marketing site and the opportunity at hand costs $30? It's hard to say without some more information and details. Granted $30 isn't much in all actuality but it is if there is no true value in what you receive in return.
If you can share some more details, I'd be happy to help if I can.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered an Arbonne business?

~Crystal~ said...

In response to ~Anonymous~ and whether or not I have ever considered an Arbonne business?

I never actually did Arbonne itself, however I was involved in similar companies and the idea of selling skin care products and what not just doesn't do it for me. I am not much of a girly, girl and that sort of thing doesn't excite me. In fact, it's probably something that would have to be a very last option for me to ever do it.

I also have a really great friend that is in fact with Arbonne, so should I ever need any of the products or know someone specifically interested in such a business, I know exactly who to go to that I know will be able to help.

All my best!