Referral Marketing

I was just reading a really great article over at the More Than We Know blog about ways to increase in customer referrals, which is key to any entrepreneurs business.

Having been involved in the work at home/Network Marketing industry for over 7 years now, I have had the chance to meet many different women (and men) entrepreneurs, all whom have different talents or services & products to be offered, that I personally do not. This is great because when I speak with someone who is seriously looking for something to do from home, or they might be looking for a particular item, or maybe even need some website design services done, whatever it may be. I know that I can help point them in the direction of someone who I know will be able to help them, even if I can't personally.

This also pertains to family and friends. I know personally that I feel safer and more confident about "things" when someone else has referred me to them. Rather than going on a whim, with no idea of who or what I may be dealing with, having someone share their experience with something that they were pleased with makes it a whole lot easier to do business.

I think we all tend to be skeptical of people and situations that we have no prior contact or knowledge of. But when someone else has ate at the new restaurant in town and raves as to how good the food & service was, I am more likely to go eat there as well. Or it could be a new movie that was just released and you're trying to decide if spending $20 at the theatre to go see it is even worth it or not? Then you start over hearing other people talk about how it is the best thing since "Dirty Dancing"(not sure if that's the best choice of movie or not...) Either way, you decide to go see it because if all those people thought it was good it must be.

Now, those people were not compensated in any way for sharing their opinions, which in turn led you to the theatre. We as entrepreneurs have the ability to do this however. You may want to run a promotion of sorts, or set up a system that compensates those who refer others to you. For example, when I have a member that I have enrolled into one of our benefits plans, and they tell their family and friends about it, and they in return call me and enroll into a plan as well, I give the initial member who referred them to me $5 or $10 for doing so. I do this for each and every person that they personally refer that enrolls. So if they refer 10 people to me, they now have $50-100 bucks in their pocket. All for just doing something that we all do everyday, telling others about our experiences with certain products or services.

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The Network Marketing Struggle

Network marketing has been around longer than I have, so we can safely acknowledge that it is nothing new. It's simply just telling people you know and the people you meet, or prospects, about a product or service that you use and like. We do it everyday in our normal life. The only difference is that the Network Marketing industry has tweaked the referral system in that it compensates you for those referrals.

So why is it that so many people struggle to build their marketing business?

Most people are trying to market a product or service that they don't honestly believe in. The don't believe that the people they are talking to will actually benefit from what they are offering. Therefore, it seems to them as if it's a scam. And every person that they speak to about their product or service is hearing it in their voice and through their overall body language.

The solution however is simple...don't promote a product or service that you can't believe in or that doesn't positively impact everyone involved. There are a lot of great products and services out there that do just that. Take the time to find yours.

You just can't pretend to like something and hope that no one sees right through you. We can all sense when something is not right, as well as when someone tells about something and you can feel the joy and belief in what they do. There's no getting around it.

Network Marketing is a wonderful industry. It allows many moms (and dads) the ability to stay at home with their children. Average people are able to create financial freedom. Possibilities are endless. The key is simply to love what you do, and tell everyone you come into contact with.

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If it's Meant to be, It's up to Me...Take 2

I mentioned the statement above a while back, but feel as though it is one of the most important things we all need to remember, so I am stating it again.

We can go through life wishing that we could catch the next free break, and that maybe just maybe someone would drop a fortune right in front of us, free for the taking. Or we can choose to do more today than we did yesterday and stop waiting for someone else to take control of our lives.

It's your life to live, no one else's. We must sow the seeds in order to reap the harvest. If we sit around just waiting for things to happen many great opportunities just simply pass us by. Be willing to do more, try more and live more.
Someone once said, "It's not how you start the race, It's how you finish it."

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Building a Pipeline

All experienced network marketer's understand the concept of "building your pipeline." When a new person decides to join our team, they may not understand what in the heck we are talking about, but they will soon come to find out.

You see, when you first start "prospecting" or calling prospects, it may seem as though everyone is telling you "no." Why am I not getting anyone calling me back? But I have been calling for like 2 days already, and no one has joined my team yet...Sound familiar??

It's happened to the best of us. We start to get discouraged, we make fewer and fewer calls over the next few days and then we quit calling all together. Because what's the point, right?

Wrong! By quitting and giving up, all you have done is guaranteed that no one will ever call you back. If you continue to make those calls, soon enough you will start getting calls from people you may have spoke with 2 weeks, a month ago or longer. You have to build that Pipeline and by doing so you will be creating a constant flow of traffic to your website and your team. All it really takes is time, patience, and a continuous effort on your part in order to set your business to a smooth sail.

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I've been slacking a bit...

It has been quite some time since I last added anything to my blog, and that is just simply unacceptable. I could come up with a hundred different reasons to try to explain myself, but I am not going to do that. I just simply let "life" get in the way, as we all have done at one point or another.
Anyhow, I am back to posting again. And I don't plan to stop anytime in the near future. There's too much that we have not yet covered here, so back to work...not so much work as responsibilities.

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