Save Money--Make Money

Previously I posted my answer as to how much money can be made with a work-at-home opportunity. I'd like to go a bit further and ask this...How much can you save by working from home?

Instead of looking at the amount of money each enrollment will get you. Or what percentage you are paid on each product you sell. Ask yourself these questions...

  1. How much do you spend commuting to work each week?
  2. How about paying for daycare?
  3. What about lunch?
  4. And appearance? You have to look nice, get your hair done & nails, and don't forget about clothes and shoes.
  5. If you are sick and can't work, will you still get paid?
  6. And wait, you're doing all the hard work, but will you continue getting paid for the work you've done? Even 5,10, 15 years after you did it?
  7. How often do you get a pay raise? Who determines that?
When you look at the big picture, it's easy to see which is the better choice. We often settle, simply because it's what we think is the best choice for today. However, which is the better choice when you're thinking of the future?

Stop making someone else rich while you miss out on priceless moments in life just so you can barely get by. Start getting paid for what your worth and secure your future, you will be so happy that you did.

To your Prosperity!

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Work At Home? Do or Don't??

More and more people are finding their way into the work-at-home world everyday. With the rise in gas prices, it easy to see why.

One question or concern that often comes into play is how much money can be made with a work-at-home business? My answer is this...There is no cap to how much money can be made, it's really just up to you and how badly you want it and what you're willing to do to get it. (Sounds a bit cliche', I know.)

Here's what I mean...If you find the right opportunity, it may take some searching, but they are out there. If you find something that you can see yourself getting passionate about, something that you believe in, then there will be no problem making it happen. You will be eager to share your product or service with everyone you come into contact with. The confidence in what you offer will come through in your voice and people can sense that. If you believe in your product, then they will too, and they will tell their friends who will tell theirs and so on. You will have created a stream of income that continues to grow with very little effort on your part.

A home business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it won't happen overnight, and there is no completely automated system that will do it for you. It will take effort on your part, as well as some time to create a steady stream of income flowing in. But that income can and will continue to pay you for the rest of your life. That is if you let it.

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"If it's meant to be, it's up to me."

This quote could not be any truer concerning success in any work at home opportunity. When we take the leap, and decide to work for ourselves, from the comfort of our own homes, it's not always easy to make the decision to actually work. Especially on a nice, hot summer day.

However, I will tell you will get absolutely nowhere by simply going to the beach day in and day out. Or by keeping your house spot-less clean. Not even by spending the day chit-chatting with friends and family. (Even though we would like to tell ourselves, or more so make ourselves believe, that this is Networking...face it, it really just boils down to daily gossip.)

The only way to actually achieve results is by doing! There may not be a boss hanging over head telling you when and how you must do something, but that same boss is also not there to issue you a weekly paycheck. We are our own bosses, and we determine how much our paychecks will be. The only thing left to do is treat your home business with the same respect you would if you were in a traditional office.

Schedule time out of each day to do your prospecting. (And ONLY do prospecting...) Make sure your family and friends know when your "business hours" are, and that you will not be taking any personal calls or visits during that time.

Just because you work from home, doesn't mean that your work is any less important than your neighbor who works a 9 to 5. Give it the time and credit it deserves and you will soon begin to reap the results.

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Using your time efficiently

As you may have noticed? It has been a little longer than I would have liked since I last posted here. I apologize. That is why I have decided that there is no better time than now to stress how important scheduling your time is.

Personally, I have many different projects that I am currently working on. That is actually nothing to relatively new. However, I failed to sit down and set up a plan as to how I would start to accomplish each task. In doing so, I spent more time than I should have on certain projects and not nearly enough on others.

I honestly believe that if you plan to be successful in any work at home opportunity, you must create a schedule and follow through with it! A few of the areas that are extremely important, especially for me personally, are...

  1. Set a specific time to handle emails. Let's say for 30 minutes at 8am, noon & 4pm, then maybe once before you shut down for the evening. That may seem like a lot to some, but if you would see the amount of emails that I get on a daily basis...if I do not stay on top of things, it can definitely get a bit overwhelming at times trying to catch back up.
  2. Start your day with a good, solid 2-3 hour period to get all of your prospecting done. It is inevitable that you are going to have to call people. Who you call, that's up to you. I don't do cold calls, you may. All I'm saying is to be successful you need to talk to people. So, if you are like most people, this is the one area that is most difficult to stick with in the beginning. The phone may feel as though it weighs a ton, at least for the first few calls. But I assure you it will get lighter. Setting your hours so that you do nothing except make calls from 9am-noon will bring your business to new levels. Just think of it like noon, you will actually be done working, if you would like to that is. You will have the entire rest of the day to do whatever you would like.
  3. Schedule cleaning time and household chores. (This is huge) Often times, we as work at home business owners, will find all sorts of things that could be done around the house. I was so guilty of this at one point. I would find anything & everything I could think of that needed to be cleaned, just so that I did not have to make calls or do "work." There is no boss standing over your shoulder making sure you are getting things done. We are the only ones who know if and when we are working. The problem here is that when we do not work, we do not get paid. We are paid on results, not the time we put into it. So, schedule blocks of time throughout the day as to when you will wash dishes, or do the laundry, etc.
These are just a few areas that I feel are extremely important in terms of scheduling your time. In doing so, you will also free your mind to be able to concentrate on the task at hand. When your making calls to prospects, you won't be thinking of how badly the bathroom needs cleaned, or how much laundry you have to do, etc. You will get so much more done in a shorter amount of time, and trust me, it will definitely pay off.

One resource that I have found that is awesome for setting up daily chores for everyone in your household is
Chore Buster. It is free to use and you can add every single chore you would do & have it schedule what needs to be done, and what day to do it on.

So, to sum it all up...even if you are the type of person who is not really into doing the whole schedule thing. (I was that person.) Take the time right now to sit down and just do it. You will save yourself so much time, as well as stress, among many other things as well. But the time you will save by doing so will be huge.

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