Can I do this?

Everyone questions whether or not they will be able to make money from home, and I mean everyone. And my answer is yes! I honestly believe that anyone can do anything they want to do, that is... if they want it bad enough. However, if you don't like what your doing, it can still be done, it will just be much...much more draining and difficult to do so. When you absolutely love what you do, no matter what that is or what area of life it is pertaining too, you do it because that is what you want to do and not what you think you have to do.

For example, when I first started my journey in the work at home world, I had no idea what I was doing or even what I wanted to do for sure. I was intrigued by the idea of being able to do the work once and be paid on it forever. I just didn't know how hard it was going to be. Everyone that I talked to made it sound so simple. I had absolutely no idea.

I failed miserably for many years. I put my all into something that I didn't like doing. I couldn't sell products that to me were extremely over priced. I couldn't bring other people into this business knowing what I knew, and how difficult it was. I wasn't going to be that person that tells you what you want to hear just to get you to join. It is not worth it! When you have to "trick" someone into joining your team, or buying your products, you will never make it.

It was not only physically draining, but financially as well. Instead of making money, I was spending it. After a little over 2 years I finally decided that there was no way I was ever going to be able to make myself believe that this was the right thing to do. So I quit.

Now, I love what I do! I can tell everyone I know, or don't know. And even if I didn't make it the first few times around, I did now, and that is all that matters. I also learned many valuable lessons along the way. I was able to see both sides of the field and compare the two to see what made one so different from the other.

It doesn't matter what you do...if you are exercising because it is what you WANT to do & not what you think you HAVE to do, it will work. If you go to college because it's what you WANT to do & not what your parents say you HAVE to do, you will learn more. If you read a book because you WANT to read it & not because you HAVE to do it in order to pass a class or because someone is making you do it, you will buzz right on through it.

It's just that simple, when you love what you do, you wake up everyday ready to dig right in. It will come through in your voice and your attitude and everything about you. That is when you know, for a fact, that you can do anything!

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I thought it would be nice to add some color to my blog, and what better way to do that then to share my inspiration with you. This is my youngest daughter, Alyssa, she is almost 17mo old. It's hard to believe that she is growing so fast. They sure don't stay little for long.

The whole reason I ever got into Network Marketing in the first place was for this very reason, my kids. I wanted to be able to be here for them whenever I am called upon, and to give them all the things I never had. There is no way a single mom could ever do that working for someone else. It was just something I was not willing to do.

We are suppose to be the one's teaching our children about life. But if you look real closely, we could learn so much from them. When they come into this world they have no idea what or where they are, let alone what to watch out for. Kids are sponges that take in ever little thing that passes in front of them. They don't know what they should or should not hear, or what to watch out for. We are the ones that show them right from wrong, and good from bad. Having kids has been the hardest, yet at the same time...greatest, task I have ever had to face. I think we should all take a lesson from our kids.

  1. Failures is of no concern to them. They will do and try anything!

  2. They wake up not knowing how many hours they have slept, and are eager to start their day, ready to explore and see all that the world has to offer.

  3. When they fall down, they stand back up and try again!

As adults, we tend to forget what it is all about. It shouldn't matter how many times we fail. All that matters is that we don't quit. Why do we live through our days watching a clock? People tend to stress over the fact that there is never enough time to do this or that, when in all honesty, they wasted the entire day doing nothing but thinking of why they always have so much to do. Relate?

We are suppose to fall and pick ourselves back up, and then start all over again. They key is in learning from what we have done in the process. The only way that we could expect not to fail is if we knew everything we were suppose to right from the get go. If that was even possible, we would all be like robots, going through life on auto-pilot. There would be no fun in that.

So my advice for today is this...Live life to it's fullest. Be thankful for every blessing in your life and even the struggles. It is those struggles that have made us the person we are today. There is no room for greed or jealousy, hate or ridicule. Take today to become the best you that you can be!

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MySpace & Building your business

It is important to find ways to get your website out in front of people. Not everyone will be interested in whatever it is that you have to offer, but the more people that go to your site, the better response rate you will have. Not rocket science now is it?

MySpace is definitely one way of getting lots of people to know about you and what you are doing. You can find long lost friends and family, make new friends, find people in your area, or with interests similar to yours. There are endless possibilities. My suggestion to you is this...people are more likely to be interested in you as a person, not the business you are in. That being said...

  1. Build your MySpace page around who you are..what are you interested in? (Besides building your business...)
  2. If you try using the same story on your page as everyone else in your business is using, I will tell you right now, you are not fooling anyone. It most likely has been seen a million times over and personally, when I see the first line, I just move on.
  3. Essentially the best prospect anyone could ever have is someone that they already know. We trust people we know to give us the honest truth, right? Same thing applies here. Even if I have never actually met the person, I can tell who is being honestly sincere and who is just trying to get me to buy their products or join their team.
  4. Don't accept friend requests from every person that sends them to you. There could be benefits to having a large list of friends, but I don't want to be constantly bombarded with advertisements and such from people trying to get me to join them, etc. If someone sends me a request, and tells me why, then I am more likely to accept, if their page is about them more so than their biz opp.
  5. Put a link to your website on your page or a banner, whatever method you use, just don't overdo it with too many advertisements.

Overall, think of how you would feel, put your shoes in that of your prospects. What would interest you or catch your attention? Do you like to constantly have ads thrown in your face?

And last but not least...instead of trying to do things fast and easy, take your time and do it right. If you put the effort into it people will notice and you will get a much better response as a result.

You can visit my myspace page at (And for anyone who thinks that they can't do it because they don't know how and it will take to long or it is too hard to learn...I had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I don't think it turned out so bad either.)

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If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always got.

I talk to people everyday who are unhappy with their current situation, whether that be working too many hours, or not having a job, living paycheck to paycheck. Whatever the reason may be, they are still not willing to take the step needed to change anything.

We are raised believing that we are suppose to grow up, get a good job, work 40 hours a week for 40 years, and that's just what were suppose to do. The problem is this...our times have changed dramatically. The cost of living is going up, technology is advancing, everything is costing more period. Yet we are still doing the same things as we did 10, 20 years ago.

The only way you can be sure that you secure your future financially is to own your own business. Granted, there is some risk involved when venturing out on your own, and quite honestly, it is the very reason most people continue to do what they do, regardless if they like it or not. Change isn't always easy, but it is necessary.

I understand the reluctancy of jumping into any new venture, how can you be sure that your making the right decision? To tell you the truth, you don't know for sure. If we always did things right the first time...well there wouldn't be much fun in that now would there? The wonderful thing about that is, we can always pick ourselves back up and try something else until we get it right.

Here are some things to think about...

  • You don't have to quit doing what you're already doing in order to make a change. Start a home-based business part-time, a couple hours a day after work, whatever it takes. Even if it takes you a little longer than someone who has the benefit of working the business solely, you will at least be moving forward.
  • What is truly important? If you are missing out on your children growing up just so that you can afford the "greater" things in life, when it comes down to it, which one will you miss most if it is gone? Our children grow up so fast, we can't turn back time and do it all over again, there is no rewind. But, the fancy cars and the nice clothes, whatever it may be, that all goes away. No one remembers you for the material items you have possessed. They remember the person you were and how you lived life in general.
  • When you work for someone else you are building a future for them, not you. If you don't work, you don't get paid. They tell you when & how to work and how much you will be paid. You are stuck living on someone else's terms.
  • When you decide to work for you, you are in control. You determine when & how you will work. And more importantly, there is no ceiling as to how much money you make. You want more, you put forth more effort. Simple as that.

I could go on and on about why people should see the benefits of working at home, but I'm not going to. I'm sure that you get the picture. We can't make people see what we see. If we could then well, that would be to easy. It wouldn't have as much value as it does when someone reaches a goal that they never thought possible before. That is where the true value in believing in yourself is found.

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Off to a Fast-Start...

Working from home has it's fair share of pros & cons. One of them being, you can get so easily distracted, especially with no one watching over you to make sure you are actually working, that more often then not, you reach the end of the day and have accomplished very little.

I believe it was Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter, who mentioned this tip:

How to get your new distributors off to a fast start?
To motivate your new distributors/brokers...Take their television home with you. Let them know they can get it back after they have sponsored their first 4 distributors &/or after they have acquired their first 4 members/customers. Every time your new distributor looks at that empty space where their tv used to be, they with think about promoting their business.

As outrageous as it sounds, I can definitely see how it would work. In the same way a vision board, or dream board, with pictures of all the things you dream of having in the future. The lack of your tv in the living room shows what you do not have, that you want back.

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Network Marketing? Fact or Fiction?

I have found that people have mixed feelings concerning Network Marketing. Some will say it doesn't work. Yet, there are many that are living proof that it does. So, who should we believe? You must first understand what Network Marketing is.

The idea behind Network Marketing is this...everyday we make referrals to people we know about a restaurant we like, or a product we use that we absolutely love, movies, music, the list goes on and on. That's easy, right? Yet, do we get a percentage off the profit from each person we referred? Nope. Network Marketing is just that. It's the idea that with "word of mouth" referrals, we receive a percentage of every sale and every person we refer to the company. When done correctly, it is fun and easy and it will pay you for the rest of your life.

So, instead of joining a company because of their compensation plan or because of the flashy cars people drive, find a product or service that you absolutely love and can see other people using every single day. That is how network marketing was meant to work. Yes, there are people that make money in the wellness industry, I personally was not one of those people. Why? Because I didn't like what I was doing. I didn't love our products. In my opinion they were too expensive for the typical, average income family and if I had to choose I would not have used them myself, so I couldn't sell them either.

It took me a long time to realize that this was what it was all about. After that, I changed everything from the company I was in, to a completely different arena all together. My results then changed dramatically. When you are not constantly "afraid" to ask others to join your company or buy your products, and instead you share it with everyone you run into because you don't want to leave anyone out, that is when you start your path towards financial success and freedom in Network Marketing.

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FREE Real-Time Leads

If you are building a business, then you know that having responsive leads is key. Essentially, generating your own is of course the best way to go. In the beginning while you are learning what's needed to do so, you will have to rely on other sources for leads.

There are millions of places to get leads, I'm not going to go over all of them now. I just want to share a site that I have found where you can get FREE leads to try and later purchase if you like. They are good leads and actually really affordable.

You can get 10 free to sample, or 20 extra with your first order. Follow the instructions on the page, put in your code, and process your order. It won't charge your card until the end of the trial, all you have to do is cancel before that date and no charges.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with them. I only wanted to share. I am interested to hear from those who try them.

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Advertising Tips...

Methods of advertising are pretty much limitless. Finding new creative ideas is great. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Free Classifieds- ( or simply do a search and you will find plenty of places to start)
  • Online Forums & Chats- some of my favorites are, , , . Don't join them just to advertise your business, the internet is already full of that. Find groups that you have something in common with and do what we are suppose to do, Network. You may even find something for yourself as well.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - I'm not "pro" in this area yet, but it is something you definately want to look into. is a great place to start.
  • Submit your website to all the major search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN...again, just do a search for places to submit your website
  • Ezine advertising- solo ads are the best in my opinion, top ads work well too. Again, just do your research. This does cost, so it's best to "test" your ads before investing in a costly ad.
  • My personal favorite, as it is easy, free and gets great results. Link Referral-
  • Add a Signature Line with all your outgoing emails and online posts.

That should be enough to get you started. Just keep looking and trying new things.

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March Madness!


This is incredible news! For a very short time, the Member Application fee to start your AmeriPlan business is ONLY $25.00!

Do you realize what a rare chance this is for you?
Just Think...

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*401K Plan
*Full Training
*All you need is your phone --- and Internet access --- and you can build your business nationwide using our turnkey system for success!

But Hurry! This special window of opportunity is from March 5 until March 30th, 2007......regular $50.00... to sign up as an official AmeriPlan Independent Business Owner.
To Start working at home today, sign up online at:

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Secret Shoppers

This is what I learned with Secret Shoppers...

  • Most are scams, but a few are real.
  • You do not have to pay to be a Secret Shopper.
  • Anyone who wants you to buy in it's a SCAM. Don't do it.
  • If you want to be a secret shopper, do your own research.
  • Call a place like Target & ask who they use. To do this, call your local store & ask for the number to Headquarters. They will tell you who they use then you can contact them yourself. No need to buy a list.
  • The pay is not very good. You get paid a certain amount depending on the task at hand. Sometimes it is $1-$10/per visit.

If you love to shop and have the extra time, this may be great for a way to earn a little extra cash. I wouldn't count on it to pay your bills however.

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What to look for

Let's see if you can relate...

You start looking for something to do from home. Every ad that seems to catch your attention, makes you want to read more, and more, and more... Now it's not so fun anymore, and after scrolling through 10 pages of the same information, just repeated in somewhat different terms, you don't have any clue as to what it even is?

Sound familiar? I know, maybe a little too much. Right?

Well here is what I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to share exactly what it is you do? What are you trying to hide? Is there something that you are ashamed of?

Now, let's just say we decide to fill in the form with ALL and I mean ALL of our contact information so that someone can call us just so that we can finally see what this is all about.

Now, Mr. Bob calls to tell you about how great his company is and how much money your going to make, and best of all, the system will do all of the work for you! Right? But what is it exactly? Well after a 20 minute speech from Mr. Bob we still have no idea what he's talking about.

I'm sure you get the picture. So here is what I don't like about this scenario, of which happens all too often. Regardless of if you get me to sign up or not, what are you looking to achieve by doing so?

My point is this...if you hide what it is that you do because you know how difficult it is to actually become successful, then what will you get out of signing me up? You will get your commissions for a month or two or more until I finally decide to quit of which all that is accomplished is wasted time, for both of us.

I have learned many lessons through my journey in the WAH world and this is one of the most common faults. I was initially drawn to this industry in search of a way to be able to make money even when my kids are sick. I'm not lazy by any means, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I would prefer to do the work once and continue to be paid on it forever. That is exactly what this industry provides if it's not misused.

The key is to understand exactly what it is that you would do, how you make money, if there is training available...whatever you can think of. Ask questions and make sure you get an answer. If you can't see yourself loving what you do or loving the products that you are expected to market, if you don't believe in what you do, then it will never work.

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The 2 Year Story

Imagine you're at work one day... and your boss comes to you and says, "Bad news, we're going to have to fire you. Business is bad. And the economy stinks." You feel depressed. No more career. No more regular paychecks. And then the boss says, "You know what? If you were to work just one extra hour overtime every day for free, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, we'll let you keep your job and you can continue collecting your same paycheck."

Now, what would you do? Well, most people would say, "Well, I will work the extra hour of overtime just to keep my job. I know I will be working the extra hour for free, but it is important to keep my present job."

And then the boss says, "Well, I know it's kind of bad news for you but there is some good news. If you work an hour of overtime, Monday through Friday for no pay, just one extra hour a day and 4 extra hours on Saturday with no pay also . . . at the end of two years, we'll let you retire at full pay."

All of a sudden, how do you feel? You feel like saying, "Wow! Excellent! What an opportunity! Just work one hour overtime for free, Monday through Friday, and 4 hours on Saturday and two years from now . . . I retire at full pay!"

So what would happen? You're working overtime and six months later one of your friends says, "Hey, why don't you quit doing that? You're working nearly 10 hours per week overtime and not getting paid for it." You say to your friend, "No way! I only have 18 more months to go and then I'm going to retire!"

A year from now, maybe your spouse says, "You know what, dear? You've been working that overtime nearly 10 hours per week for the past 12 months. Why don't you spend more time here at home instead of working that hour overtime?" You say, "No, no, no! Just one more year and I can retire at full pay."

And you would be at work faithfully, Monday through Friday AND on Saturday, working that overtime so you could retire. And you would be excited about the opportunity.

Well, we have the same opportunity to retire with our network marketing business. We ask people to spend one hour a day, Monday through Friday building a network marketing business, and a few hours on the weekend. And all you have to do is . . . talk to some people. And you don't have to worry too much about what you say or how good you are, because you know what? You'll get better. The longer you do network marketing, the more you'll learn.

So maybe after the first month you say, "Gee, I really don't know what to say."

The second month you get a little better and say, "Well, I know the name of the company is the Wonderful Company."

The third month you get better at this and say, "I think this is a neat business. You might want to look at it."

And the fourth month you get better and better.

Just invest 1-2 hours per day. And at the end of two years you might be pleasantly surprised and say, "You know what, I can replace my full-time income and retire for the rest of my life."

So . . . would you take advantage of that opportunity?

If you are like most people, you will want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity . . . but, you won't do it.

Here is why you won't do it. A little voice inside of your head is saying, "But what if it doesn't work? What if I waste an hour a day over those two years? What if I'm not good at this? I don't know anyone who has retired in network marketing. I only know people who retired with a pension from a job. This might not be a sure thing."

Yes, you're going to have some doubt. You will have a belief problem. And that's pretty natural.

So here is what we are going to do to help you with your belief. To encourage you along the way, every so often we're going to send you a check in the mail -- just to keep your spirits up as you build your two-year business. When you get these occasional checks, you will say, "I know it works! I've got these checks to prove it."

And that is why you want to truly start your business today.

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Why would I pay to work at home? Scam?

This is generally a common concern for someone looking to work from home, so here it is.

When you say, work at home, it could translate to a number of different things. For the sake of this example, I will use the most common. There are wah JOBS & wah BUSINESS OPPS.

WAH Jobs...this would consist of you being hired as an employee to do your work from home. With this, you are paid either an hourly wage, or salary. You get paid for the work you do and the hours you put into it. You should NEVER have to PAY someone to work for them, or in other words to get the "job."

WAH Business...this is exactly what it says, a business you own that is done from home. There are a number of different businesses that you can do, typically it's any company whether it be mlm or network marketing, that offers a product or service that you in turn market. This is how they differ, with a business, you are not paid for the time you put into it, you are paid for results. It doesn't matter if you put in 100 hours or more, if you do not get anything in regards to "sales" you are not paid. On the flip side of that, all of the work that you do put in, is yours and you continue to get paid without ever having to do the work again. This IS something that you would PAY to do, because you are getting things in return.

What about Pyramid schemes? First of all they are illegal and are based on taking advantage of people. For a person to make money in a pyramid scheme, someone else has to lose money. Typically with a pyramid scheme, there is no product involved at all.

There are many different types of wah jobs and businesses to choose from. My suggestion would be to do your research, find a company that you can actually see yourself getting excited about what they offer, ask questions, and in the end it will most likely take a bit of trust in yourself and faith that you can be successful. With the right tools and training, anything is possible.

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