Is It All Just a Scam?

I have seen many, many postings throughout the Internet, on message boards and what not, where someone is looking for advice on what options are available in terms of work at home or through Internet type opportunities. And as I scroll down through the responses given it amazes me as to how many people will claim that everything and anything on the Internet & related to the work at home industry is a scam. I wonder what exactly their experience has been in regards to this issue?

Regardless of whether or not anyone was to take my word for it, I understand that I am just another person of whom you may not know personally, and how are you suppose to believe anything I say, right? But seriously, if everything is a scam, then how is it so many people are able to work from home.

This is what I mean, even if someone has tried to find something and they were unsuccessful in doing so, does that mean that it's not possible? Or is it just that with the vast array of "stuff" available they simply didn't look hard enough or long enough to find what worked?

I know what it's like to lose money, and a lot of it, due to untruthful & somewhat evil beings who are only out to make a dime. I don't understand how their mental processes work exactly because I would think that it's harder and more work to have to constantly find new people to swindle just to make a few bucks. If they were to spend that time & effort on something legit and something that made it possible for others to succeed in, then they wouldn't have to work nearly as hard to make a living. It just doesn't make sense??

That being said, I know that not everything is a scam. Even some of the things I tried, and paid money to do, and never made a dime doing so, that doesn't mean it was a scam exactly. It did work for some people, just wasn't something that I could do. (It was products that I could care less about and didn't want to sell, which made it dreadful to get up and do anything at all, which leads to no money.) It wasn't the fault of the company, they had actually been in business for 20 years, so there had to be something that was working right. But I was the one who had no idea what I was suppose to look for, what was out there, I was young and when I saw the flashy cars and the income potential I was like sign me up. We are all allowed to make mistakes like this, just accept the fact that the blame relies on yourself, not the industry or the individual company or rep.

So, how do you know if something is a scam or not? There is no one simple answer to this. Use common sense, do your research and find out all that you can from many different resources. Don't take any one persons opinion as the simple truth, it is just that, their opinion or experience.

Here is a link as to the Definition of Scam:

You can also find other great information and tips as to common scams and what to look for and questions to ask.

Hopefully you will find this helpful. This is one thing that I have a great deal of passion for because of the many people who do benefit from working at home, many of which may not have had any other options available, myself included. So I can't stand when someone makes false assumptions without knowing actual facts, or without having been there personally.

I would love for others to share their thoughts & opinions on this issue. However, I would like it if you plan to be exceptionally rude and distasteful that you restrain from commenting, but feel free to send me an email if it would make you feel better.

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Shannon said...

Great post! I too have lost money on opportunity after opportunity. Some were scams and some were ones that I just didn't have a passion for so I couldn't bring myself to do well.

anneberly said...

Great information for new blogger like me whose intentions is to make money online. Hope you dont mind me asking if you ever paid someone to build backlinks and taffic for your site? it worth paying someone for that?

care to exchange links? my blog address.. thanks and see you around

~Crystal~ said...


As for paying someone to build backlinks and traffic to your site, in my opinion I would not do it. There are lots of ways to do it yourself, and at least you know what is being done and that all is legit.

Good Luck in your quest to make money online. There are lots of resources available, just keep learning and doing.