Why Do You Work From Home?

This is a little something that I have not yet done here on this blog yet. Another blogger, SuperWahm, is running a contest. But it's not necessarily the contest that interests me the most, it's what the contest is about. She is asking people to share why they work at home, or why they would want to work from home. As I have stated before, knowing your "why" makes all the difference. When you have a strong reason why you are doing something, anything, you work harder and stronger so that you can get it done.

It's also fun to see what, or more so, why others work from home also. Check it out at http://superwahm.net/2007/10/14/ready-for-a-contest.aspx

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Irene said...

Hi Crystal,

Just wanted to say Thank-you for sharing your comments re: West At Home on my blog! I have written a post today and mentioned your blog and your contributing your experiences w/ West!

Thanks again,

Petula Wright said...

Thanks! I'll check this out... hope I'm not too late.