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If you not yet heard of Pat Berry and/or Joe Syverson, you will. In fact, you are now. Both of these men have personally created successful sales organizations in their respective companies, and now share exactly how they did it with all of you. I personally subscribe to their podcast through iTunes so that I am constantly updated with all their new podcasts.

I cannot say enough about all the great information and advice they share here. And it's not one of those boring, barely making it through the entire podcast, sort of show. Pat Berry and Joe Syverson are entertaining and fun, and they keep the energy going through each and every episode.

You'll definitely want to take a listen. You can go to www.mlmradioshow.com and sign up for free yourself. Or you can go to podcast.mlmradioshow.com and view a listing of each show they have in their archives.

I would love to hear what you think after listening. Do share!

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