Be Prepared At All Times

I am going to assume that everyone uses some sort of marketing supplies for their business. If not...well, this may be why you are struggling. Now what I mean by marketing supplies is business cards, brochures, dvd's, flyers, things of this nature.

When you are out and about, handling your day to day business, paying bills, picking the kids up from school, going to the post office, that sort of thing, you never know when or where you might run into someone who needs what you have to offer. If you don't have anything to show or give to that person, you may have just lost out on a sale or even a future team member.

I suggest keeping some extra supplies in the trunk of your car. If you are a woman and carry a purse, keep some in there as well. A man can keep business cards in his wallet, or if he wears a jacket, he can keep a few things in there as well.

Overall, the idea is to always be prepared, that way you'll be ready when opportunity comes a knockin'.

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1 comment:

Shama Hyder said...

Definitely! Always carry business cards. Thanks for the reminder. = )