Generating Your Own Leads for Free...Using Classified Ads

There are many ways to generate your own leads by using free resources online, as well as offline. It's simple enough to do, all it takes is time. When using free resources, it may take a little bit more effort on your part, but it will be well worth it in the end. When you generate your own leads, the prospect or person requesting information from you, has already been to your website or at the very least, has some sort of idea as to what you have to offer, and you can be sure that they are actively searching because they have contacted you.

I am going to cover different ways of generating your own leads. Each will have their own post. There is so much information and so many ways that I feel this would be the easiest to grasp.

The first way I am going to go over is...

Classified Ads online--There are many sites that allow you to post your ad for free. Do a simple search on google, and you will get thousands of listings. A few that I have used,,,,, and like I said, there are many, many others.

To get a decent response, you need to post to many different sites, and do so frequently. You can't just post 1 ad and wait for the calls to start rolling in, it won't work that way.

Post a simple ad that is relevant to what you offer. Think about what caught your attention, and what made you want to know more when you first learned of the company you are now a part of. I always put myself in the prospects shoes when I am writing an ad.
Include a link to your website. Hopefully you have a contact form for people to fill out when they want to know more about your opportunity or service, if not you will want to leave another way for people to contact you. If you do have the form on your site, be sure to tell them to fill out the request form if it is something of interest to them.

By using this method, you will also weed out those who are simply not interested in what you have to offer. The requests that you do receive, will be highly qualified & interested prospects beings that they already know what you do and just want to know more, or may have some questions.

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