Off to a Fast-Start...

Working from home has it's fair share of pros & cons. One of them being, you can get so easily distracted, especially with no one watching over you to make sure you are actually working, that more often then not, you reach the end of the day and have accomplished very little.

I believe it was Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter, who mentioned this tip:

How to get your new distributors off to a fast start?
To motivate your new distributors/brokers...Take their television home with you. Let them know they can get it back after they have sponsored their first 4 distributors &/or after they have acquired their first 4 members/customers. Every time your new distributor looks at that empty space where their tv used to be, they with think about promoting their business.

As outrageous as it sounds, I can definitely see how it would work. In the same way a vision board, or dream board, with pictures of all the things you dream of having in the future. The lack of your tv in the living room shows what you do not have, that you want back.

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