The 2 Year Story

Imagine you're at work one day... and your boss comes to you and says, "Bad news, we're going to have to fire you. Business is bad. And the economy stinks." You feel depressed. No more career. No more regular paychecks. And then the boss says, "You know what? If you were to work just one extra hour overtime every day for free, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, we'll let you keep your job and you can continue collecting your same paycheck."

Now, what would you do? Well, most people would say, "Well, I will work the extra hour of overtime just to keep my job. I know I will be working the extra hour for free, but it is important to keep my present job."

And then the boss says, "Well, I know it's kind of bad news for you but there is some good news. If you work an hour of overtime, Monday through Friday for no pay, just one extra hour a day and 4 extra hours on Saturday with no pay also . . . at the end of two years, we'll let you retire at full pay."

All of a sudden, how do you feel? You feel like saying, "Wow! Excellent! What an opportunity! Just work one hour overtime for free, Monday through Friday, and 4 hours on Saturday and two years from now . . . I retire at full pay!"

So what would happen? You're working overtime and six months later one of your friends says, "Hey, why don't you quit doing that? You're working nearly 10 hours per week overtime and not getting paid for it." You say to your friend, "No way! I only have 18 more months to go and then I'm going to retire!"

A year from now, maybe your spouse says, "You know what, dear? You've been working that overtime nearly 10 hours per week for the past 12 months. Why don't you spend more time here at home instead of working that hour overtime?" You say, "No, no, no! Just one more year and I can retire at full pay."

And you would be at work faithfully, Monday through Friday AND on Saturday, working that overtime so you could retire. And you would be excited about the opportunity.

Well, we have the same opportunity to retire with our network marketing business. We ask people to spend one hour a day, Monday through Friday building a network marketing business, and a few hours on the weekend. And all you have to do is . . . talk to some people. And you don't have to worry too much about what you say or how good you are, because you know what? You'll get better. The longer you do network marketing, the more you'll learn.

So maybe after the first month you say, "Gee, I really don't know what to say."

The second month you get a little better and say, "Well, I know the name of the company is the Wonderful Company."

The third month you get better at this and say, "I think this is a neat business. You might want to look at it."

And the fourth month you get better and better.

Just invest 1-2 hours per day. And at the end of two years you might be pleasantly surprised and say, "You know what, I can replace my full-time income and retire for the rest of my life."

So . . . would you take advantage of that opportunity?

If you are like most people, you will want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity . . . but, you won't do it.

Here is why you won't do it. A little voice inside of your head is saying, "But what if it doesn't work? What if I waste an hour a day over those two years? What if I'm not good at this? I don't know anyone who has retired in network marketing. I only know people who retired with a pension from a job. This might not be a sure thing."

Yes, you're going to have some doubt. You will have a belief problem. And that's pretty natural.

So here is what we are going to do to help you with your belief. To encourage you along the way, every so often we're going to send you a check in the mail -- just to keep your spirits up as you build your two-year business. When you get these occasional checks, you will say, "I know it works! I've got these checks to prove it."

And that is why you want to truly start your business today.

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1 comment:

Theresa said...

I can only reiterate what Crystal said. This is a legitimate home based business that if you work diligently can deliver a 6 figure income in 2-4 years!

I can add from personal experience, that Crystal is an unbelievable mentor and coach and that if you join her team, you will have all the training and support you need to be successful!

There is no other home business out there that can touch this one!